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Giopack s.r.l.. takes care of the production, transformation, printing and marketing of materials for packaging and packaging of disposable food and food items. Rigid and flexible paper food packaging, cardboard, plastic, wood and laminated materials such as envelopes, cartons, cassette, baskets, decorations, alveoli, multipurpose trays, disposable trays, canning and similar.

Giopack s.r.l.

Packaging for fruit and vegetables and agri-food


Giopack s.r.l. only relies on certified suppliers to offer you the best quality and safety.


Giopack s.r.l. is able to offer you the best value for money with competitive prices.


Gopack s.r.l. guarantees immediate availability of all its products.


We provide the customization of its products to make your company unique.

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Giopack s.r.l.

Honesty, punctuality and respect towards customers, partners and collaborators are values ​​in which our DNA is deeply imbued. For us, "quality" is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and reliability. The customer can rely on us blindly, relying on our experience and our skills, always receiving answers able to satisfy all their needs. We work to offer an increasingly informed and demanding customer our experience and our services at very competitive prices.

Yes, all our products can be as well as neutral, customized with your own brand as described by the customer.

We can say that considering the technical production times generally pass from 15/20 working days from the order, with exceptions on particular works or quantities.


Giopack s.r.l.



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