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Citrus fruits, well-being and energy for the body

Citrus fruits, a sprint to your metabolism: here are the beneficial properties for our well-being and body.

Il periodo freddo è decisamente impegnativo per il nostro organismo: thank goodness that the shopping basket, indispensable and punctual, intervenes to help us.

This month, in line with late autumn needs, contiene dei deliziosi citrus fruits. In che modo consumarli? To you the choice, potreste decidere di iniziare una giornata con un succo di grapefruit, pranzare con un insalata invernale di finocchi e oranges oppure fare merenda con un paio di mandarins o con uno smoothie al lemon, carrots and apple.

Long life elixir, rich in vitamin C

How tasty, the pulp of these "elixirs of long life", slightly sour, succosa e ricca di C vitamin. Think, although it is a very important substance, our body is unable to produce it by itself, and it is therefore necessary to introduce it, on a regular basis, through daily nutrition.

C vitamin, energy and health

In short, do not buy oranges and mandarins only when the first signs of the flu are felt: a false myth, this, perché la scienza non ha ancora dimostrato che la vitamina C abbia un ruolo attivo nella prevenzione dei sintomi da raffreddamento.

It has a fundamental role, But, nel mantenere in salute l’intero organism. Agisce positivamente sui processi di produzione di energy, and it is the main "nourishment" of the adrenal glands in stressful situations, that is why its reserves are easily depleted.

More, è un potentissimo antioxidant, proprio come lo sono i bioflavonoids, those substances that "inhabit" the white spongy layer under the peel, in particular of oranges and lemons. Together, they join forces and work to protect the tissues, strengthen muscles, the skeleton and the circulatory system.

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